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Aftercare Advice

Here are four simple yet effective tips to help you maintain and balance your body after your massage:

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Drink Water

Avoid drinks that will dehydrate you like caffeine and alcohol. We also advise you to avoid tea and fizzy drinks as nothing beats water to dehydrate you. Drinking water will also help you avoid feeling soreness after the session as it helps to rehydrate the muscles. Being fully hydrated prior to the massage will aid the massage therapist’s ability to release tension in deep muscles and fascia.

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After the massage, we advise that you not to put any unnecessary strain on your muscles like gym or other physical demanding activities. The massage therapist has just spent 60 to 120 minutes to lengthen and released muscles and fascia, any strains can increase the risk of damage or injury. You should ideally have between 4 to 12 hours rest after a massage.

Take a bath

To increase blood circulation a nice warm bath or shower a few hours after the massage is recommended. By adding Epsom Salt (that can be found in most supermarkets and pharmacies) to you bath will help with the recovering process, it can help your muscles relax.

Listen to your body

You will more than likely feel sore after your massage, especially if you have had deep tissue massage. Post-massage soreness can still be present the next day. This is more common if you do not do regular exercise frequently and not used to feeling muscle soreness, otherwise known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).


Talking with your massage therapist after your treatment is important in discussing your main areas of tightness and appropriate treatment plan. Some people enjoy weekly massages, whereas others prefer a monthly basis, it’s all about listening to your body.

Please be advised that MK Thai Massage operates strictly as a professional establishment and only provides the treatments specified on this website, without offering any additional services.

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